Why use Xinote?

Notebook Page

Page is a collection of notes and helps organize notes within it.

A page can be created in a notebook. You can also organize pages into folders. Each page has a view through which you can organize notes. Notes in each page can be organized into one of the following ways:

  1. Simple list: Notes in the page can be viewed as a list with note title and a small snippet of the note description.
  2. Detailed list: Notes can be viewed as a list with title and full description along with attachments.
  3. Todo list: Each note can be converted to a todo. All todos in this view will be organized according to their due dates.
  4. Calendar: Page can be transformed to a calendar and all notes within the page will be shown in the calendar.
  5. Write Pad: Write by clicking anywhere on the page and organize by dragging them across. Free hand writing just like you write on a paper.

Pages also help to share multiple notes easily.

Write Notes Anywhere in a Page

Just the way you take notes on paper.

With "Write Pad" view in a page, taking a note is just one click away. Click anywhere on the page to start taking notes from that position. Organize your notes in a page by dragging them across. If you are a Microsoft OneNote user, you are at home using Xinote interface.

Page as todo list

Organizing notes doesn't end there.

Any note can be converted to a todo.
By changing the page to a todo list, all the notes in the page will be organized based on their due dates.

Page as Calendar

Page with "Calendar" view will be shown as a calendar. Click on any calendar date to create a event note. Events can be dragged across to change their event date. Each Calendar has month, week and day views.

Drag and Drop Files

Just the way you want your files to be uploaded and shared.

Drag and drop many files at the same time and share them with your friends instanteneously.

Free Hand Drawing

Just the way you want to sketch your dreams.

Integrating drawing with note taking in a innovative way Xinote makes it extremely easy to make a master piece of your thoughts.


Just the way you want to preview your documents.

Previewing almost any type of file that is thrown or uploaded on the page, Xinote is simple tool for your file sharing.

Real Time Sharing

Just the way you expect it to be seen by others.

Share instantly all changes with all the people on the page. Real time is very effective when you want the information to be dissipated immediately. Taking notes on meeting and sharing information is never this easy. Try sharing a page and get all benefits of real time collaboration.

More Features Coming Soon.

Just the way you expect from us.

We are working on loads of interesting stuff. You can expect voice notes, sms, email syncing etc., in the next few months. Please write to us at feedback@xinote.com and like us on facebook page.